How to Fade in a 2D object when "seen"

I’ve got a very simple animation of an information card sliding down when the target image is “seen”, but instead of it just appearing, I want the card to “fade in” slowly. I’ve tried creating a timeline based on the visibility but can’t get the binary parameters to fade. Can’t seem to find a way to just edit the opacity either.

If you’re using Studio, the “color” property also controls opacity. A value of 1 means the color is completely opaque. A value of 0 means the color is completely transparent. Any number between those is semi-transparent (e.g. 0.5).

Upon clicking the color chip in the property panel, this menu should pop up:

You can either type a value directly into the “A” sections (that’s the alpha channel, aka transparency) or click and drag the slider to change the values.

Attach that to a timeline and you should be good to go.

Incredible, thank you!

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