How to display a page created in ZapWorks Studio using an iframe with Android

Now, when I use an iframe to display the ZapWorks Studio page, the top screen appears, but when I press the button, the screen in the attached image appears.


When I set the following code in the iframe, it worked fine on iOS. However, it did not improve the situation on Android with the attached image.

<iframe src="" allow="camera;gyroscope;accelerometer"></iframe>

If there is a way to make it work on Android without any problems, please let me know.
If there is a way to embed a page created with Zapworks Studio other than using an iframe, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.


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Ooo that’s interesting. As I understand it, Zap WebAR projects shouldn’t be able to run at all in an iframe from another domain; I think they’d need to add some cross-domain permission on their (Zap’s) server to allow it. It may be something that Enterprise customers can request as a special case.

If no one chips in here with more information, it may be worth dropping a line.

Hi @tokuyama,

It looks like somebody got in touch with you regarding your support ticket, but just in case this helps anybody:

Unfortunately, some mobile browsers limit the access of iframe sites to certain resources, and it’s not something we officially support. We therefore can’t give detailed technical support on this matter.

That said, permissions have to be allowed from the same host, which might be what is causing your issue here. We’d consider having a look at this page for more information:

Have an awesome day!
Francesca :blush:

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