How to debug "file does not exist" - how to identify which asset from UDID?


Okay, first day, so please be gentle :slight_smile: I’ve fixed this compile error by going back to a previous commit, but I’d like to know how to actually fix it next time. Seems one of my 3D .obj files either got lost or the reference got mangled:


So you can see it’s a .obj file, but how do we find out which source file / imported asset has now been turned into that UDID-ish filename? I can’t find these UDIDs mentioned anywhere, and with lots of objects in a scene it’s impractical to go through trying to relink every single one.

What’s the best way to track this down?

EDIT: raises another question, too: I thought when you import a media asset, it’s copied into the project bundle somehow, rather than just referenced from where it originally was on disk. But if Studio has copied it into its own secret file system then surely we should never get a “file does not exist” message - after all, there’s no way we could/should be able to fix it. Have I got that wrong?