How to create snapshot functionality in Unity?

Working with Face Filters for christmas AR and looking to create snapshot functionality in Unity, there is not much specified in zapDocs.

Hi @mihir,

We’ve seen a couple of successful projects integrate our snapshot package in Unity, so that’s the best bet here!



I have a working test snapshot in Unity 2020.3.18f1
Zappar Snapshot (6.0 MB)

Hope this helps you


Hi @mihir & @stevesanerd,

We now have a Save and Share snapshot package for Unity, found here:

You might also be interested in the video recording package, found here:



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That is awesome @George, our team will try implementing this functionality and test it out on Unity thank you for the consideration of this feature I hope it would be way better than the hack we were doing until now by patching JS.

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If you want to record your unity webgl experience, you can also try my plugin. The main advantage over Zappar’s solution is that it’s also capable of recording in game audio.

If you want to save/share anything, I recommend my ShareNSave plugin, it can save/share images, videos, audio, text, basically anything supported by the web share api.


when I build for Unity WebGL I’m having this error

Failed process stderr log:
JS optimizer error:
Unexpected token: punc ()) (line: 13926, col: 19, pos: 566901)


function _zappar_sns_open_snap_prompt() {
if(typeof window.snsInitialized === ‘undefined’ || window.snsInitialized === false) return;
data: window.snapUrl,
onSave: () => {

Hi @chris.alfonso0

have you read the section about updating the WebGL Template. It’s likely that you’re missing the following line: window.uarGameInstance=unityInstance; in final index.html.