How to create full screen UI overlay

I’m trying to work out how to create a full screen UI overlay in portrait mode using Studio.

Something like this random mockup:

In portrait mode if you relative to screen it center aligns and stretches horizontally and does not cover the screen vertically:

Any ideas how to do it? In html/css you’d use a background class to fit to device as best as possible without destroying the aspect ratio

How I would typically navigate this would be to rebuild the UI screen within ZW Studio. What you’ll do is use planes that are really big to cover up your background, and then export your images as transparent PNGs and place them relative to either Z.Screen, Z.SceenRight, or Z.ScreenLeft. If you’re still struggling to make the UI look nice on each screen, you could try a resizing script based on the aspect ratio of the screen, as noted in this thread:

Here’s also an OLD test project I had that detects the ratio of your screen, if that helps.
AspectRatioTest.zpp (522.4 KB)

thanks will take a look