How to change studio project to widget project?


Seems this feature has been removed this week after changing to new zapworks interface is launched.

please advise.



Hi there,

We’ve made this change as the ‘Change Tool’ feature was specific to an individual zapcode. As per the update, we’ve introduced the ability to have multiple triggers under one project, including multiple zapcodes, meaning that we’ve had to remove the feature to avoid backend issues :slight_smile:

We’re looking into building the ‘Change Tool’ feature for projects in the future.

Sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you, but for the meantime, we recommend that you create a new Widgets project to test out Widgets experiences.

Hope this helps,


Hi @Bob we are also missing this feature, as we have a current project that went from Designer > Studio. We have the zapcode already printed on a card deck and need to revert back to Designer for 1 of the 56 cards. Is this possible?


Hi, a followup question on this: Can I update a project done in Designer to one done in Studio? It seems to be giving me an error message saying I don’t have permission.



Hi @matt2, could you please email with the URL of your project? We might be able to help you with this.