How to Build a Hotspot?

Hello, i’m a newbie in Zappar and right now i’m doin my final project in college to make a biology AR objects. I’ve tried to applied the target manipulator in ZapWork Studio so my 3D AR Object have been successfully got rotated and scaled. But is it possible if i’m also adding a hotspot template in the same object? because my plan is that the object could have shows an interactive button in it’s object sections, and i dont know how to begin with.

When i tried to drag the hotspot subsymbol to the hierarcy, the hotspot subsymbol doesnt show any options to be edited. it doesnt matches with the Hotspots 3D Model Tutorial in Zappar Documentation page.

When i tried to make a separate ZPP file to be added to the main project as a hotspots, the object’s scale, rotation, and position cant be adjusted. i’ve done it based on the explanation from the *ZapWorks Ancient History Competition - Ancient Egypt Tutorial

  • but I still couldnt understand about building the hotspots.
    Can you please help explain to me about how can I solve it? It’d be very helpfull!