How to animate a fish into sea ocean


I am new user and purchased 3d models - Whale and Ocean Wave from SketchFab . As I imported into the workspace, I noticed the software allow me to create step by step emulating a whale jumping up from the ocean and splash back ( U turn ) into ocean again - the result effect looks very “artificial” and I can’t control the ocean wave to “move” simultaneously while the whale jump up … Can anybody advise me how to animate both movements ( whale jumping and ocean wave ) concurrently and naturally . Thanks in advance. regards Alfred


Can you post what models you got? (just links to them)

Is the movement part of the model or are you using your own timelines?



Hi Steve,
I bought


Ok so both models have the animation built into the models.

The ocean wave model looks like just one animation. You can play it in Zapworks but as for changing the waves You will have to edit the wave model it’s self in a different 3d modeling program. There will be a timeline in it you can edit.



Hi Steve,

Will try on it . Will let you know it work . Cheers.



I think it would be great to not only have foreground wildlife/monsters/plantlife, but also a living, animated background. Anything in the background would be purely for atmosphere, not interactable. In the upper, bright levels of ocean, you have shadows of various types of fish fade in and out as they swim close to the active 2D layer. They would remain shadows/silhouettes so that players wouldn’t confuse them with actual monsters.

In the dark depths of the ocean, you have all sorts of bioluminescence.