How many zaps can one zapcode entail?


I want to know if one Zapcode can entail unlimited number of zaps or is there a limit?


Hello @rajshekhar1997reddy,

The zapcode can be zapped unlimited times. The only limit you may have it’s your account seat. There’s the basic seat that if I’m not wrong, you may have only 5 free zapcodes, the others need to be bought in contact with Zappar and there’s the pro seat!

Hope this helps.

att, Higão.


Thanks for the reply Higor!

Just to clarify, a zapcode can be scanned an unlimited amount of times.

However, if there seems to be a large number of zaps under your personal zapcode, we’ll get in contact with you to clarify a few things :slight_smile:

Business and Educator Workspaces can have create an unlimited amount of zapcodes, whereas Personal workspaces are given five free zapcodes upon sign up. Additional zapcodes for Personal workspaces can be purchased at $1.50 each.

For more information on the different types of workspaces, I’d recommend you check out our website here.

Hope this helps you


Thanks for your answer!