How can i use the triggers in the zapbox controller kit


i’ve been trying to setup and use the triggers on the zapbox controller, i’ve looked the examples in this forum, but i havent been able te make them work outside of the example given.

how could i use the triggers on the controller starting from a blank project

thanks in advance

Hi @cgallardof - Happy New Year!

It sounds like you have the example project working, so I assume you’re using the ZapBox Cardboard kit with the Zapbox app rather than our new kit with the Bluetooth controllers?

With the new product coming the cardboard kits are not going to get much ongoing support, but the approach I described in this thread: ZapBox Controller Triggers in Studio 6.5 should be the way to go - you’ll need to use the zpt file given in that thread rather than the one built into Studio to get trigger support.

Hope that helps!

Hey @simon! Happy new year to you too

Thanks for the reply, yes i have the cardboard kit and it has been an amazing expirience so far, i can’t imagine what will be achievable with the bluetooth controllers.

and also yes i have the examples working but i wanted to set up a project from a blank slate, is there any tutorial available? or is it better to work on a working example.

thanks in advance.

From a completely blank scene you can right-click on root in the hierarchy, then go New > Tracking > ZapBox Tracker, then apply the changes mentioned in the first post of the thread I linked above to enable the triggers.

I haven’t tried it recently but think that should still work!

Hi @cgallardof,

Welcome to ZapWorks! :tada:

You may find it helpful to know that we have dedicated documentation on the ZapBox Cardboard kit here: Studio | ZapBox Overview.

In particular, you can find a starter project and introduction video here: Studio | Creating ZapBox Experiences.

As Simon mentioned above - with our modern ZapBox product on its way, the cardboard kits won’t be getting ongoing support - so I’d definitely keep an eye out for it! You can learn more about the newest kit here: Zapbox: Mixed Reality for everyone by Zappar.

Have a nice day!
Francesca :blush:

Hello everyone,

I’ve been working on setting up and using the triggers on the Zap controller, but I’m encountering some difficulties beyond the provided examples in the forum. Despite my efforts, I haven’t been able to make the triggers work in my own project, starting from scratch.

I would greatly appreciate some guidance on how to use the triggers on the controller in a blank project. If anyone has experience or knowledge in this area, I would be grateful for your help. Please provide me with step-by-step instructions on how to incorporate the trigger functionality into my project, starting from a clean slate.

Thank you all in advance for your assistance and support.

The ZapBox Controller Kit’s triggers provide a versatile input method for interacting with augmented reality experiences. By assigning actions to the triggers, you can enhance user engagement and navigation within your AR application. For instance, you can use the triggers to activate specific interactions, such as selecting virtual objects, launching animations, or triggering special effects. Additionally, the triggers can be utilized for menu navigation, allowing users to browse through different options or scenes by simply pressing or manipulating the triggers. It’s important to consider the user experience and ensure that the assigned actions are intuitive and responsive. By leveraging the triggers effectively, you can create immersive and interactive AR experiences that captivate and delight your users. Experiment with different trigger functionalities and tailor them to suit your specific AR application to provide bling bling club Barcelona a seamless and engaging user experience. thanks for sharing us