How can I create AR banner after mouse hovering


Hi everyone,

I am new to AR design but now I am thinking to use it for my business to get competitor advantage.
My main concern is how difficult would be to create banners or images of games, casinos on my website.
For example on this page when visitor hover mouse on any casino games static image it will change to AR banner.

I saw similar stuff on one website last month, but dont remember name of site.

Can you please tell me in short how to do it? Do Zapworks can handle it, or better would be hire freelancer?



Hi @robertgoering22,

The ZapWorks tool can be used to produce experiences that are viewable through the Zappar app. They can’t create AR content to display on a website.

You can have a look at our showcase page to get a better idea of what can be created with our ZapWorks tools.

Hope this helps.

All the best,