Hotspots and Billboards


Can anyone help me I am trying to create a project like the mini solar system but I can’t find a tutorial on hotspots and billboards


What your looking for is under the space comp.

If you still need help let me know.



Thank You Stevesanerd I found the billboard but cant find the hotspot the solar system experience it’s kinda glossed over that part and when I place my billboard group in my 3d model group the bill board doesn’t follow the model when I orbit it


Ok I see. In the solar system one it’s just a plain that is hidden. Then he used actions to run the controller state per item when clicked on.

There is a hotspot button symbol in zapworks. this is not the same thing. the symbol has more to it.

As for it not following check that your relative to setting is not set should be “–”.



Thanks for the help Stevesanerd, but I have an issue with trying to create a an experience with a 3d model with an info button that is in a billboard group and I want it to point to a certain area on the 3d model and when selected it would open up and show info like on the mini solar system template I have it within a target manipulator symbol but when I orbit the scene the info button does not rotate with the scene it stays z screen mode in the same area.