Hire help - Blender file to Zapworks Explosion


Hi there. I am trying to get a multi piece animated model from blender to zapworks. I have done it successfully with single piece models but, with this multi piece model I have to set different origins to the various parts of the model so I can animate it. When I do this and export fbx it literally explodes in zapworks. I am working on an urgent demo and I am stuck. Anyone have any thoughts? Is there a blender user out there that could help? @stevesanerd @zappar1
I am happy to hire someone to meet in the next few days to skype and help me understand what is wrong.
It seems blend files are not supported for upload here.


Sorry I’m more a programer that modeler. Maybe @zappar1 or @digitalpopups can help.
Just a thought, you could make more than one model and piece them together like a pizzle.



Thanks @stevesanerd I did contact Marco. He is going to try and help me out soon. He is awesome. I am trying your idea now but have an issue with the center of rotation. I found your post here: Use target manipulator to rotate object in different axis
But I can not find the Rotate and Scale script you are referring to. the image shows what i am trying to rotate. Thanks!Capture


@stevesanerd I am uploading the file just in case you have a moment to show me there. The coding side of Zapworks is definitely where I hit a wall. Thanks so much!
please ignore the butterflies in the image. :smile:They where part of a learning experiment and I just dropped them in for a temp target.
carmtest2.zpp (1.3 MB)


@stevesanerd and @zappar1
So my non-coding solution was to import both pieces of the model into zapworks as @stevesanerd suggested. I then made a blank sub-symbol and wrapped it in a group. (i guess you can’t have just a blank group) I moved the blank sub-symbol group where I wanted the center of rotation and added the model piece I wanted to rotate. I then positioned the model piece into the correct position. The trick was to add the model to the blank group after the group was in the correct location relative to the stationary part of the model. Yikes. Hope I can get Blender to play nice with Zapworks soon.
Thanks everyone!