Hide object once it leaves the tracker


I have a train moving along train tracks but would like the train to disappear once it leaves the tracking image. Almost like a clipping mask I guess so you don’t see the train hanging out before it loops again.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.


Hi @dax,

Thanks for your question.

You can achieve making the train disappear by having an object for the train to enter, making it look as though it has been removed from the scene. The object can be any shape but to make it easier lets use a box.

  • The box must have a blank material, this can be done by either creating a blank PNG on a photo-editing software or just downloading one from Google images. Information about how to add the material to Studio can be found on our lighting materials documentation page.

  • Once this object is added with the blank material, its properties must be set to:
    Layer mode = full_3d (You may also need to change the trains property to full_3d)
    Render Meshes = opacity

  • Once the properties are set, you can locate the box where you would like it to overlap and ‘remove’ the train. Due to the box covering the object you would like to disappear it must be placed above it within the hierarchy.

Following these steps should allow you to create a mask which can be used to hide things within a scene.

Hope this helps.

Any issues please feel free to let me know on here or send me an email at support@zappar.com.




In the end we built tunnels for the trains to go into. It helped with the visual and allowed the brain to interpret what was happening more easily.