Help with some coding


Hello everyone. I have a little problem here and I wonder if anyone could help. I have an experience that starts with a video : show script.

After the video ends then other states are triggered (as below)… Until there it is all ok.

The problem happens when I enter a photo feature that I have in there. Once I close the photo feature the video screen appears and it gets stuck in there… So I need to close the photo feature and not run through the show script again. I just want to close the photo feature and go back to where I was. Any help is depply appreciated.

Attached is my show script and my photo feature close button script



Hay Milenne,
Take a look at the last thing I helped you with. I had to do the same thing with the photo op.
I called the Help when I open the photo op thru the code to control it.



Thanks Steve. I have done exactly “I think” as you did… :frowning:
The annoying black screen appears when I close the photo feature


It looks like your missing a } just after what is circled in red. I don’t think you want the video:finished inside the show.



Hi Steve. Just sent you an email :slight_smile: