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Hi ,

I want to build 5 - 6 images, when the user views an image on their mobile device the image will automatically play a video.

A couple of years ago, I tried zapworks, and it it exactly what I wanted

I think this was built using the old version of zapworks…

The project was put on hold due to covid, and we are ready to continue with the work.
I just signed up to the free trial of zapworks, with the intention of upgrading to an educational licence…

In the new version of zapworks designer, I have uploaded my image trigger and video. but now when I publish the work, and use the zapar app and point it to the trigger image, the video does not ;oad and play, but a safari tab is opened, asking me to launch the zappar app, then I have to grant access… but after that nothing happens

This is exactly the sort of thing we want, following the tutorial here:

Could you tell me where I’m going wrong.
The project is for teaching BSL, we have 6 videos around 30-40MB each, It will probably only be used by a handful of students, 10-15 each year…
Does the Educational licence cover this?

Thanks in advance for your help, I would appreciate someone from the sales team to contact me regarding the educational licence. We are part of University of Cambridge, in the UK.

here is a neew trigger image

and we want it to morph into a an mp4 video MPEG-4 movie around 40MB in size


I still can’t get the video to play, even though in the scene, video properties auto play is selected…
I have tried using both qr code and zappar for trigger… Not sure why the video does not play straight away… I am using the latest version of ipad,

thanks is advance for your help

Hi @videoask (Pedram)

Thanks for your thorough comments in the forum - the experience is working well for my on iOS 15 on my iPhone. The video plays well. Can you tell me a bit more about the iPad you’re using so we can diagnose the issue?

In regards to your licensing question - you can sign up for an Education Plan at any point, you don’t need to speak to our sales team. If you’d like to speak with someone you can message me directly on


Head of Customer Experience

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Hi @videoask,

I wonder, were you able to get in touch with Tom at all?

I’ve also been able to view your experience without issue - it may be also useful to know that projects developed with Designer (Beta) will not launch in the Zappar app, but instead with WebAR.

You do still have the ability to create Designer (Legacy) projects and use the Zappar app however, if this is more helpful!

Have a great day,
Francesca :blush: