Help with invisible parts of planes

Im trying to make an experience where a user can click on pictures in order to color them. the issue i am having is that images are actually just planes with a texture on them so i can still click on the invisible parts of the plane. does anyone have any pointers on how i can make it so only the visible part of the plane triggers the pointer down event and if that part is not visible it lets it go to the next object behind it?

Something i thought to do would be check the color at the e(user click position) of the object but as far as i am aware i dont have access to that information

Hi @ndean,

Could you please share a project example with this behaviour so we can test?

I was under the impression planes with a transparent texture (PNG) image assigned will not listen for user taps on the transparent area.

There’s potentially some render order tweaking you can do to get this to work as expected. See more info here: Studio | Render Order

Pointerdown events do retrieve a user input position (e) which you could utilize instead of individual plan objects.

Happy to take a look!

I sent the project via email to looking forward to figuring out what the issue is I have been struggling with it for a few days and was trying to program my way around it