Help with instant tracking

Hello everyone. I have been trying to develop a web based app using instant tracking and so far everything has been great. The issue is that the app seems to be working great on most devices but when testing on a Galaxy Tab A the instant tracking fails and it just sticks to the screen wherever I placed it and doesn’t track to the world space. The Tab A has the most recent version of Chrome and is on the Android 11 OS and from what I understood that meets the device requirements for instant tracking but I could be wrong. If anyone has advice on how to fix the issue that would be greatly appreciated.

Symbol the project is based on Introducing Instant Tracking - #56 by marks

Hi @ndean - does the Tab A have a gyroscope do you know? I know many of the earlier Samsung tablets didn’t have gyroscopes. Both 360 experiences and instant tracking rely on the gyroscope for accurate rotation updates. You could test the “Photosphere” template in Studio to see if that works on there.

I just checked and it does not have a gyroscope. Thanks for the info :slight_smile: