Help please


Hi, am looking for someone to help me create a 3d zap please.
So am trying to introduce this AR experience into our Escape Room and players would scan an object and i would like a 3d image to appear and provide a code.
So i have someone who is creating the 3d model now. I am looking for someone who knows Studio to help me import the model and set it up.
Thanks in advance!


What do you need? Somebody to create an entire 3D model?


No, i have someone doing the 3D model, i just need someone to put it in Studio so we can create the AR effect. Am doing the tutorial importing 3d models but am going crazy and dont have enough time to learn this thing :frowning:


And i am willing to pay :slight_smile:


It should be pretty simple - what 3d model file type are you importing?


Seeems so overwhelming to me right now lol!
So i looked on the zapworks studio files and forwarded the designer the 3d importing file types that are supported in Studio.
Is there a recommended type i should tell him that would be best?
The model is of a human head shifting back and forth to alien, with a moving mouth so i can place sound.
Goal is when a person scans tracking image, this head will pop up and speak the code.


It depends what 3d software he’s using - for animated objects, I export as an FBX file.


Ahh okay then i will recommend he does FBX. Thank you! He saw the requirements so i hope he caught that.


It should be very easy provided he’s got the texture UV mapping sorted before exporting.


Ohh jeezz i hope you does :hushed:


The model is of a human head shifting back and forth to alien, with a moving mouth so i can place sound.

Depending on how your modeller / animator is planning on doing this effect, it might end up not working in Studio. AFAIK blend shapes / shape keys / vertex animation (basically morphing from one shape to another) are not supported. Just a heads up.

If you need more help, you can send a message my way. We do a lot of Studio stuff at flyAR.

Good luck!


:confounded:…thank you for that information! I think somewhere in my mind i have accepted it might not be possible, but figured we give it a try and cross fingers :crossed_fingers:t2:!
Thank you for your site link, am going to keep that on my side pocket as plan B!!