Help needed, never done any coding


Hi, I’ve never done anything with scripts or codes before and was trying to make a little fun project involving pokemon.
The idea I had was having a table like shown in the picture with 3 pokeballs displayed in which you have the choice to tap one and choose a starter pokemon.
So the questions I have are:
Is that possible?
And where would I begin as I’ve been looking at the scripting pages and I’m still about confused?

Thanks in advance



Hi There,

That’s a cool sounding project and definitely something that would be possible in Studio.

If you’re a complete newbie to scripting then code academy offer a great introductory course in JavaScript. While they teach it in the context of web development a lot of the principles are the same and will help when scripting in Studio.

For the Studio specific scripting the following pages are useful:

  1. Typescript Primer
  2. General Scripting Principles
  3. Utility Functions

Also, while we don’t have anything that specifically covers your exact project, it’s worth checking out the Step by Step Projects for inspiration.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



I want to say very nice project! I have 18 and I want to learn coding also, and have good job!