Headphone Button Click


Hello, all. Can Zapworks Studio detect the headphone volume button press (or a bluetooth selfie stick button press) as a click?

We would like to implement a Google Cardboard app and want something other than the raycasting solution to click a button.

Basically, we have a room filled with monsters, and we want the viewer to be able to destroy them with a button click. Can the headphone button (or a selfie stick bluetooth button) be used in this way?

If not, anyone else have any other thoughts on interacting with objects without using screen press or raycasting timeouts?


Have you seen the Zapbox already? Maybe that’s a better solution to your problem. And it’s cheap.


I was going to say the same thing. ZapBox has 2 controllers with working triggers on them…
We as soon as they give us the coding for it @Seb @connell @simon Hint, Hint…



Cool. Thanks. We ordered a ZB and it is on its way.

Is there a way to register button clicks in Zapworks though?


@stevesanerd ha - point taken. New thread coming shortly…

@donnav - we don’t support any external button inputs at the moment. There’s ‘headsetbutton’ when you’re in Headset mode which is basically a screen tap anywhere other than where the back arrow is at the bottom. That works for Google Cardboards that have the capacitive touch thing, or a cutout at the bottom (which we have on ZapBox too).


Thanks! This is appreciated. We went with Zapbox.


Thanks of the information.