Have difficulties to create a button without losing colors (3D models) or disappearing (2D)


I have a class project that utilizes world tracking. I’m trying to create buttons that would active different states in AR. I tried with 2D images but when the user moves around the button it disappears. I then tried to import a 3D plane (.glb) with text but the texture does not import. (I use ThinkCad to create a 3D button but when I import the file, the color cannot show up).
How can I create a button in Zapworks that doesn’t disappear in world tracking? Or can someone help me with importing the 3D plane? Thank you for your time!"


The reason the 2d disappears is because it’s one sided. You can use billboards to spin the button so it is always facing the user. Or you can add more 2d buttons on each side.



Hello Steves,
Thanks for this! I am wondering that is this a function require coding?