Hashtags from UI


Ok I have a good question - if I create a UI on a scene, a button that can be used to take a snapshot. When I go to share that snapshot to Twitter, is there a way of having an embedded hashtag, apart from the #ZapparPowered? This would be amazingly useful, I suspect quite easy to do - but how?



You mean a custom Tag? Yeah, it’s easy, you’ve to ways of doin this:

By code (just pass a string into parameters):


And by Device node:



att, Higão.


It doesn’t seem to be working, I can change the tag under device but I still get #ZapparPowered when trying to post to social media…

Issue sharing snapshot() with Whatsapp on iOS

Hi @technology and thank you @higor!

The easiest way to change the snapshot message is to pass in the string value you would like to add into the Z.device.snapshot() function. Much like @higor explained and kindly screenshotted.


Please note that some share methods, such as Facebook, choose to ignore this message and present an empty dialog to the user.

Hope this helps.


Also using this on Whatsapp’s iOS version, the application prefer to ignore the image and mantein just the text… So… Have this advise xD

att, Higão.


Hi George
Thanks for replying. So presumably #CustomHash should be changed to whatever hashtag I want it to be?



So this code works in Studio?