Has anyone tried to embed genially interactive content into Zappar?

I am trying to help problem solve a project where an artist has created an image using multiple photographs. The aim is for the people who provided the images to be able to spot theirs click on it and then zoom in to their image or other images and then the picture returns to the original state. The original image is the target image. Hence wanting zappars AR but it just seems too complicated for designer which is why I thought of using genially. I would be interest to hear your pov.

I will say that I am not familiar with Genially, but this sounds like an experience you can make within ZapWorks Studio through the use of controllers and states.

How I would set it up in Studio would be:
-Have a version of each image overlayed on it’s spot on the tracking image.
-Each image is handled by its own controller. The default state would be before tapping it, so the image would be it’s usual size in the tracking image. The second state would be the zoomed in version of the image.
-On the zoomed in state, have a back button for people to tap that would reactivate the default state.

I hope that helps and gets you started in the right direction!

Thanks abiro. I think what you’ve said has inspired me to try and work with Zapworks studio. I have ‘wimped-out’ so far, being intimidated by the complexity, hence looking for solution using web apps I am already familiar with. I will set some time aside. Thanks again. I will let you know how I get on.

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