Has anyone played with a 120Hz / variable refresh phone?

I’m wondering how it affects WebAR stuff, if at all. I use an on_frame handler for quite a bit of stuff, so I’m wondering if it’s always going to be called at 60Hz, or whether that may change if you have a spanky new phone. I’m guessing it can’t get called less frequently than 60Hz unless you hit performance limits.

But this does mean I’m going to have to be a bit careful - I’ve cheated a bit, here and there, making assumptions about the time delta between frame redraws; maybe I need to tidy that up. For example, I’ve still got an old bit of code that just adds a fraction of a degree to an object’s rotation each frame: net result is that the object is permanently rotating smoothly. On my iPhone it was very consistent, but if there’s a chance the code will be called at twice the rate (newer phone), or half the rate (older phone), that motion could be too fast or too slow.

If you have a high frame-rate (or variable refresh rate) phone, it’d be interesting to know whether it looks like the camera feed is high frame rate too.