Halloween Selfie Station


Put this together over the weekend while playing with face tracking. I know I’m a little ahead or behind with the holiday chosen :slight_smile: Halloween was the only full set I could find. Not for nothing but I could not get that green square to hide during the picture. Fun new features to play with in the latest release.


This is looking great, @destery! Don’t think you can afford to be too early for Halloween, those costumes aren’t going to make themselves you know…

Amazing use of the new features - and always good to see a clear call to action on the flyer too. Thanks for sharing!


Hey @destery,

This is really cool! I love the tracking image especially :smiley:

In regards to the green square, I imagine there’s a state in which it’s hidden, but the photo is taken before the state is activated, meaning it still appears in the snapshot.

The solution to this is to set up an event handler for when that specific state emits the "complete" event. Calling the snapshot function within this event handler would ensure the photo is only taken when the state is completed (in your case, when the green square is hidden) e.g.

symbol.controllers.myController.elements.myState.on("complete", () => { 

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

All the best,