Halloween Competition 2019 - Works in Progress


A space for those entering the Halloween Competition that we’re running this year to share their workings and discuss potential submissions with the community.

AR Photobooth - Customizing it further
ZapWorks Halloween Competition 2019

This is the first thing that came to my mind.
Did have problems running it on webAR using my S7.
Sometimes slow also I got an error has occurred - reload page.
Runs fine in zappar app.


Zappar Code


Ps. let me know if you got my submission. Don’t know if it uploaded my zip fie.


Hey guys,
Just a heads up that we’ll be extending the submission deadline for this Halloween Competition to midnight TONIGHT - 23.59 31/10/2019 (as it’s been requested)!
Feel free to upload any spooooooky Halloween face-filters that you’ve made here today, as long as they’re triggered by WebAR :smiley:


Hi Steve!
I’ve tried few time ago to put a 360 sphere behind the face tracking, but is impossible to see you face. Showing only the 3d model tracked as you made in this beautiful experience is quite easy… Any solution?
Many thanks and congratulations!


Yea I saw that as well as I played. I used face paint to show the face. But before that i used the head mask which did show your face. But the eyes and mouth would show eather the 360 or the inside of the model. So I played with the models setting to fix that. I tried to a videos of fire but couldn’t get it to work with the time we had. So I added the 3d eyes.



I’m going to post the zpp file. You can play with it.

Face Tracking WebAR.zpp (21.6 MB)



Thanks! I’ll play with it! Cheers!


Hay did you get to go to Sipsmith yet?



Hi Steve, yes I visited Sipsmith distillery some week ago…very nice people! But there is still a lot of work to do to finish, so I really don’t know when it will go live. But the Gin is super!! All the best!


You know I’m so jealous!! Did you stop at the Zappar offices?



:joy: I visit the office two times every year! We are Italian partner…