Guide layers / "Don't include when publishing" flags

Wishlist stuff.

It’d be really nice to be able to mark a node/nodes in the hierarchy as “exclude from published project”. A checkbox on each node - or maybe just group nodes - you can switch on or off as you need.

For example: I’ve got a load of text objects for debugging; an FPS counter, various bits and pieces that I need as I’m working on the project, but that I won’t want included in the published version.

I could delete them when I think I won’t need them any more, but that’s a big decision, and I could end up having to recreate them all again if I need to make changes to the project later, or a bug or performance issue crops up.

I could just hide them, but they’ll still end up in the payload.

A checkbox on group nodes would be ideal. We could even use that to switch on or off chunks of debug code: if I’ve got a text node helping me debug a JSON query, I could disable-for-publishing it, and then use that as a flag in my script to skip trying to write debug text to that text node.

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