Grid in world space - multiple images on a bezier curve


Hi there,

I have read your article about multiple objects on a bezier curve (Multi / model start position on a bezier circle) but it didn’t help me with my problem so far.
I am working on a postcard that ´will have the function of a tracking image. If the AR experience starts I want several images float around this postcard, similar to the experience shared here:
I though´t about placing the images on a circle shaped bezier curve or to build a grid…

  1. How do I set the end position of the images on the bezier curve in regular distance to each other? If I set the distance all images are above each other on the same spot…

  2. A function like “LookAt” to make the images face the tracking image (better: the transparent sphere on top of the tracking image) does not exist. Is there a way to center the images?

  3. I guess it is possible to set other bezier curves (one for each image) to make them fly from the tracking image to their final position?



And sorry for just another question: how can I make different bezier animations after each other: like in my example: first the seven or eight images flow after each other to their final position on the bezier curve which would mean: seven single bezier curves work on different animations after each other, after that the final bezier has its function.
Do you understand what I mean? Hope it does not sound too mysterious…:frowning: