Graphics are Very Jittery on image tracking target

I’m using a bottle label to train an image target and display graphics on a bottle.
But the scene is always super jittery- it only gets a little better if i’m super close to the bottle but still not ideal.
I have trained multiple types of image targets to try and achieve a better result.
the bottle is a bit curved- iv’e tried may times with the curved setting but its worse.
I have read the “recommendations on what makes a good tracking image”

i think my solution is to somehow dampen the precision of the tracking movent, so it isn’t affected by every tiny movement in the tracker,
is this possible?

happy for any insight :slight_smile:

Are you able to upload the label art so we can see it?
I am guessing that it all comes down to the marker and it just not being the best for tracking.

In the past, we used to test the experiences on a know marker/image (we used images of kittens or an old wrestling image of Terry Funk :crazy_face:) that tracked well and then on the desired marker to test out the viability of the marker and not the technology - just a way to rule things out.

You can try printing out a good marker and putting it on the bottle to test.

Otherwise, what I’ve had luck with in the past on other platforms is sometimes cropping in on an image/marker. It would provide a more stable marker/experience than the image as a whole.

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thanks man, sadly printing out another label is not an option…
here is an example of a label:

Ive tried different variations of this, including just the label without these borders.
any tips?

Is this a rendering of the label on the bottle?
Is the label just the angled lines down to the black bar?

Is this the asset you are using for the marker? If so, the image is already distorted/curved and that might be part of the issue. Zappar is curving an already curved marker.

If that’s not the case I would try cropping in on the marker to something slimmer like this area. That way there might be more feature points for it to pick up on. It’s improved things in the past for us, but not always.

I see this topic is in Unity. Have you tried quickly to build an experience with the new designer and the curved surface image tracker feature? They have been pushing updates there a lot more and you might have more success all depending on how elaborate the experience is.

Hope it helps with troublshooting.

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This is the actual asset i am using. its not a rendering but a photo of the bottle (cropped)
yes the label is the angled lines down to the black bar as you’ve said, and i left some margin.
The front of the bottle is a little curved (bottle is elliptical shape)

I have tried your suggestion. it works ok but only when i’m real close to the bottle (because its a small target i assume) and only when i aim it a little to the left side (i will try another in the middle)

I’m working on unity because i know it and don’t want to learn the designer right now+ im making a small game and don’t know the designer capabilities for this use case.

Anyhow your time to replay is much appreciated!!!

Hey @ronshalev1993 - have you reached out to our support team or on Discord? We don’t monitor the forum anymore so harder to find these things.

Please let me know - is the place to go or join Discord here:

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Hi Tom and thank you.
So i joined and wrote a question in the “learning” channel but there dosen’t seem to be much traffic there.
(my discord is “shantibaba”)

I’m working on an augmented reality project using ZapWorks, and I’m encountering a persistent problem with jittery tracking. My project involves tracking images on various curved surfaces, like product packaging, and displaying AR content. Unfortunately, the tracking seems to be overly sensitive to minor movements, and the AR content jitters excessively, especially when I’m not very close to the target. I’ve tried adjusting the nia vardalos image targets and settings, including the curvature settings.