Gltf Import Blackscreens

When Importing a .glb or .gltf file into Zapworks the preview screen immediatly turns black. And as such does the normal Preview Window. It is constantly black.

When launching Zapworks through the console I found this Error which is probably causing this issue. We are still trying to find out why this is happening but since we can’t debugg Zapworks we’ve reached our end here.

Failed to read: C:\Users\REDACTET.zappar/.ercache/36afd0cf42b20ed592cd605f30ad9a9d41eb52bf Reason: [json.exception.parse_error.101] parse error at 1: syntax error - invalid literal; last read: ‘g’
Trying to parse as binary format.

People who want to use glb or gltf files

Use fbx, which is not an option for us since the file size is way to big.

There’s another workaround: upload your model to sketchfab and in Zapworks Studio import it from sketchfab. Studio always imports models from sketchfab correctly. I’ve been using this method for a while now. It works for broken models, black screens, etc.