Global Content Cache


I’ve seen this mentioned twice … firstly on the publish confirm screen, and secondly in the article about optimizing better AR for UX.

I understand it’s under testing right now, but is it a situation where if a user does something on their phone in the AR space (like clicking a button to add a sphere on the ground) that another user zapping into the space will now see that sphere?

Or is it something altogether different?


Hi @shawnjoh,

Thanks for your question.

Global content cache refers to content being saved on the device’s cache memory across scans and experiences.

For example, if a user scanned an experience that had a 3D model and global content cache was turned on, the next scan download time would be significantly faster as the model doesn’t need to be downloaded again.

The really cool thing is that it also works across experiences. So if there was another experience that includes the exact 3D model and the user was to scan that, the download time of that experience will also be reduced.

Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any further questions about this.




Thanks @George !

I had a bit of excitement thinking that perhaps there was a bit of a multiplayer aspect here … meaning, if you had a ball in the experience that the user could move, then it would also move in another users experience. Or if you drew something on a wall, then it would appear in another users experience.

I understand what is meant by global cache now. Thank you!


That would be so nice. There is the fetch JSON but I guess there is a bug with androids. you have to use some hosting add on to make it work.

I have thought about doing a lot of multiplayer games.