Glass like transparent texture


General question, I have glass globes with models in the centre (no snow) is there a way to use transparencies with 3d models in Zappar. I have not had much luck so far any help or guidance (link if you have one) would be appreciated.



Hi @eric.davies,

Thanks for the question.

You can find out more information on opacity maps via our Lighting Materials article and information about rendering models through an opacity map via our Render Order article.

Hope this helps.



Thanks George,

Worked it out, I am a fan of Zappar I just find it not as easy to locate step by step training in areas that your videos don’t cover in detail. Guess someone will do a training session eventually.




Hi @eric.davies,

Thanks for your feedback.

We understand that our docs and step-by-steps can sometimes be hard to navigate. We are looking into updating/improving them very soon which will hopefully give more of a structured flow throughout.

If you do have any comments (positive or negative) on the current step-by-step’s and articles, we would love to hear them at

Thanks again.