Getting Started With ZapWorks


Welcome to the ZapWorks Forum. We hope you enjoy using our ZapWorks tools - to help you get started and find all of our resources, we have a few top tips:

:zap: Download Our Tools :zap:

To ensure you have the latest update of Studio and our Universal AR SDKs, head over to our download hub to install the newest version.

:zap: Check out our Documentation :zap:

Head on over to our documentation and tutorials hub, where you will find comprehensive documentation on all our tools and features, as well as getting started tutorials to help you become a ZapWorks pro.

:zap: Troubleshooting Problems :zap:

If you run into any issues when using our tools, we recommend following these steps:

  • Update studio to the latest version - if there is a bug we may have already fixed it.

  • Have a look through our documentation site. There is a search function that will help you find what you are looking for, as well as an explanation on how to use these features.

  • Check out the forum and see if someone else has reported the issue. We may already have a solution or workaround for our users. Hobbyist users should make a post in the appropriate category of the forum for help with their project related problems. There are plenty of helpful faces that will be happy to help, and our support team also regularly monitor posts here.

  • Get in contact with support. Please note that access to our support team is reserved for Business users on Pro or Enterprise plans. You can see the different features available to each plan here.

:zap: Accounts and Billing Problems :zap:

To keep your personal information secure, or to keep any details private, users on all plans are able to contact support for help with accounts and billing problems.

We hope you enjoy using our tools, and thank you for choosing ZapWorks :smile:

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