Get Up and Dance


#DanceforTristan is a story about an autistic boy who decides to overcome his fear and go to his school dance… only to be turned down at the door because his grades aren’t good enough.

I painted this TikToker who told the story and then animated his face like a jib jab, while taking my painting of the TikToker’s face and wrapping it on a dancing character, who dances while the large face tells the story.


I can’t tell you how much I love this!!!



Thanks so much!


Hi Kim,

This is fantastic I would really like to include it in our showcase videos on on our ZapWorks showcase. Would this be ok with you?


Good job Kim, nice experience!


Absolutely, please do!


Hey @kim, nice job!

Are you playing an audio file or a video for the narration? If audio file, which format?


In this particular one I used a video, but it was my first project and I hadn’t figured out embedding the audio yet. In my coloring book project. I use audio. The format I used for that project was .ogg