Get Started with Improved World Tracking and ZapWorks Studio

Hi everybody!

You may have seen Simon’s ‘First Look’ post, in which we provided a preview for our new and improved World Tracking for WebAR implementation.

Following this news, we had some additional updates - firstly, a forum post and updated documentation to explain how you can create Universal AR SDK experiences with this technology; and secondly, a great webinar in which we announced that new and improved World Tracking for WebAR is now available for projects created in ZapWorks Studio! :tada:

With the warnings out of the way, here’s how you can get started!

To create a new improved World Tracking for WebAR experience with ZapWorks Studio, simply use the existing Instant Tracking implementation (Z.InstantTracker()) or template and deploy it to a different platform -

Click the drop down below for a more detailed guide to developing a new project.

:open_book: Step-by-Step Guide

Developing Improved World Tracking for WebAR Experiences with ZapWorks Studio
  1. Download the template from Simon’s original Instant Tracking Post (we also have a template with a placement button here).

  2. Import the template into Studio, then develop and publish your experience as normal.

  3. Once your project is published, go to on your mobile device, click ‘Launch’ and then scan your project’s Zapcode as usual.

We really hope you enjoy experimenting with this new functionality, happy creating!

All the best and have a fantastic day,

Team ZapWorks :zap:

Is there any word on when the improved instant tracking will be implemented outside of beta?