General Questions



I couple questions and issues I’ve been having.

  1. why does the sound not play on my video when creating a web AR asset in designer?

  2. whats the max file size for videos on a web AR project?

  3. If I’m using this for a commercial project, is there any way after someone scans the QR code to have it not say Zapper on the front page? Instead have it as the product brand? (ok for the URL to be zapper but ideally not have conflicting brands)





  1. Are you using an iPhone? If so you maybe have the mute switch on silent that you flick to silence your ringer etc. It is the little switch on the side. It can be confusing as even if you have your volume at max and normal web videos play no problem there will still be no sound on your AR experiences until you turn it on

  2. I don’t think there is a particular limit but you want to keep them as small as possible as the bigger the video the longer it will take to load, I try to keep mine under 5MB and definitely under 10MB

  3. Yes you can have the WebAR front splash screen branded for you by Zappar but it is incredibly expensive, contact Zappar to get the pricing It is the biggest barrier for me in selling to small businesses, they love the AR experiences but the branding is way out of their budget