Game with score

I want to make game with gifts and count (score). After 10 gift will begining a new animation is triggered. How to solve it? I see in Spark AR. Plase, I cant code.

Not sure if you’ve seen this yet, but there’s a tutorial on setting up a game that includes a score counter.

It does require a small amount of coding, but a lot of the heavy lifting has been done for you. I imagine you can just take the score subsymbol from this tutorial and use it elsewhere in your project. Part 4 covers the score and timer.

You might try also looking at this post:

Thank you for your help! Really…I didn’t see the lesson…This opens up great opportunities!

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Sounds like you’re up for a fun game project! I watched the Spark AR video you shared, and it’s neat how they explain things step by step. If coding isn’t your thing, no worries—I totally get it. Visual scripting tools like Spark AR can be super helpful. Remember, I started with limited coding knowledge too, but these tools can make things a lot more accessible. I now think of creating something similar to the bingo cash app, and I hope I will do this. Anyway, good luck with your project!