Fun Free Online Sports Games for Kids You Cannot Miss Out


It’s time to be more active. Let’s try out these amazing one of the best online summer sports games for kids ever - Free & online .


Enjoy your fun time now with this simple arcade game - Cricket Hero. In this game, you need to bat and try to earn as many scores as you can. The more runs you score, the more points you will get. The game will speed up with more balls for you to hit. Hitting the balls in cricket will never be that fun in Cricket Hero. You will experience stunning cartoon graphics with numerous fun effects.

Keep in mind that there are more than just balls come to your way. There will be eggs and bombs, try not to hit them or avoid them at any cost. These tricky obstacles will give some minus on your points or even lose your turn. In the Cricket Hero, you will get 3 chances for each hitting try. This interesting game is available to play both on desktop and mobile web browsers. Swing on and hit those balls. Can you become the hero in this Cricket Hero game?


Are you a cartoon lover? If Disney Channel or Cartoon Network is one of your beloved TV channels to turn on every time, this game is a must for you to try. In this soccer game, you will meet up a lot of popular cartoon characters. This game has been listed in the collection of fun online sport games for you - Feel free to play on pc now . You will join in an exciting football match with these famous adorable characters. You also have chances to create your own favorite football team with all of your lovely cartoon characters.

As other soccer games and other previous Toon Cup versions, in this 2018 edition, you will still face up another soccer team. Your mission is to goal as more balls as you can in order to earn your points. The team has the highest score-goal will be the champion. Are you confident enough that you and your dream team will score your name in the champion board? Lace up your shoes and take over the soccer playfield with Toon Cup 2018.


Will you be the champion of this Boomerang Sports game?

Tom and Jerry, Shaggy and Scooby, Daffy Duck, or Bugs Bunny and so on are many cartoon characters that are in many of us childhood. And now they are also included in one fun gameplay as Boomerang Sports. You now can enjoy your great time to play with these memorable characters. There will be basketball, donut boat racing, and water pogo sports competition for you to take part in. All you need to do is join in these events and try your best to win over the champion title.

Each of the sports competition will contain various challenging tasks and fun features. Let’s have some fun with your beloved childhood cartoon characters in this awesome game. Will you be the champion of this Boomerang Sports game?

Let’s have fun and find out more other awesome sports games on our hottest website for you to play free online games - Manti Games .


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