Full screen, sequencing zaps and GPS

I’ve been working with designer for an education game we would like to do at our institute. We are building a prototype and have 3 questions:

  1. Can we restrict the interface to go full screen and not move when the user moves the device around. For example, the video would go full screen on play and when they go to the next scene, it would stay in that full screen 2D mode
  2. We have a sequence of scans that users need to go through. After viewing the content of one scan, they are given instructions to go to another location where they will see another scan. We would like to only users who have viewed previous sequence to unlock the upcoming scan. Is that possible?
  3. Is GPS location trigger possible?

Good day Ismael,

Point no1. Yes you can… In your root, what I do is I insert an altitudeOrient and a group object… In your altitudeOrient object, you can place the elements that will be seeing by moving the device around… then on “intersection” with another object OR on an object “pointerdown” hide your altitudeOrient object through controllers and show your groupObject (again with controllers) and there you’ll have it… a mix of static and VR

Point no2. if they are static images, then maybe wait X amount of seconds before allowing them to go to another scan, BUT if its a video, then you could use the “on.finish” function to move to another scan… (again all this is controlled through controllers and timelines)

Point no3. I’ve seen that it is possible, but I didn’t see any instructions on how to do this…

hope this helps.


Thanks Marc
Would that all be done with Studio?
I’ve only used Designer so far but I’ve start reading about Studio
For no. 2, would you then set up multiple tracking images in the same project so that on finish a video or action in one scene, they would be sent to another scene with another tracking image and instructions to move to the next location?