Full screen message after QR scan but before image track?


Just wondering if this is possible, we want to add a message on screen after the user has scanned the QR, but before its started looking for the image track. Basically the QR code is being added to a neck tag on a bottle, and the tag sometimes hangs Infront of the bottle label which is the image track, so we want to put a message up before the user looks for the image to say, ‘Hey! make sure you move the neck tag out of the way first!!’ If anyone has any suggestions, they’d be greatly received!

Many thanks!



When we have a message that has to show before the user can interact with the experience, we typically do some sort of full screen message handed by its own controller, and then the user can tap to ‘exit’ that hides with everything.
Your message would be the default state, so it appears automatically upon loading. Your controller might look like a shorter version of this:


The transition between states can easily be done with actions on buttons, you just have to make sure to add a button for users to tap and hide the message.

Hope that helps!