Full Screen Intro video before Photosphere plays


How do you get a full screen opening video animation to play before moving to a Photosphere Node within the Attitude Orient group. The video is a short logo type animation that I want to play and then fade into the Photosphere program. I would appreciate any pointers!



Hi @ilabouz,

Thanks for your questions on photo spheres!

You should check out our step-by-step tutorial on Streaming Video in the 3D View, as this explains how to import a video into the 3D view.

If you wanted your video to seem as though it is full screen you can change the relative to property to Z.screen and scale the video sub symbol up slightly.

Adding the event handler below, to a script will allow a function or state to be initiated once the video has finished, which in turn would hide the video sub symbol (if state, could fade out by reducing the opacity), bringing the user to the photo-sphere.

Video.on(“video:finish”,() => {

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



Thanks for the reply George!

I will try this and sure it will work as you describe.