From screen to 3D


Hey, we working on an experience in studio and are looking for some help with it, we are using world tracking and are trying to have UI elements (png images) that when taped move to a point on the screen then transition from screen to the 3D world so they can interact with our 3D object.
Is there any way this is possible?


Your looking for relative to. You want to change it from z.screen to world tracking.



We want it to be relative to Z.screen until it is clicked. Once it’s been clicked we want it to be the same size and position, but in the 3D space so it can interact with our model.


Like Simon’s demo? World Tracking Trigger Region Demo…




Thank you for your help we have looked at the zpp you provided and played around with it to try implement it to our experience however it seems that something more like a dynamically linked bezier would be the kind of thing we need.