Freezes when starting on iPhone 12 Pro (iOS 14.8)

I just published a project that I created in ZapWorks Studio. When I launch the published project in Safari on my iPhone 12 Pro (iOS 14.8), it shows the camera image and then freezes after a few seconds. After that, it went to an error screen.

The video and console log of this event can be found below.


Console Log

Already published projects and also freeze in the same way.

The freezing was reproduced even after restarting the iPhone 12 Pro.

The same event occurs in both Safari and Google Chrome. It was working fine until last Friday.
By the way, when I preview ZapWorks Studio, it works fine.

Do you know of any problems with this one?
Also, if you have any information about workarounds, I would appreciate it if you could share the information.

I will also contact support about this issue later.


We experience the same issue… We sent request to the support, but no answer so far.

I see that other people are experiencing the same problem.
I contacted support a while ago.

I’ve been communicating with Zappar via email until yesterday about a different issue than the freezing issue.
I’m sure I’ll get some kind of response when Zappar’s office hours come around.

Hey all,

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. Our platform team has deployed a fix for this issue so you will now be able to launch you Studio-built projects in WebAR on iOS without any issues.

As always, if you encounter any further issues, please let us know at