Folders for controllers

Hey there, as an avid organization fan, I think it would be helpful to be able to group different controllers together, much like how you can group nodes in folders in the hierarchy.

(Could be that I’m just a clunky controller user, but nonetheless it would be helpful)


I can’t tell you what a pain it is to have a long list of controllers and have to scroll thru them all!!



I am piggybacking off of my own post to say:
Folders for organizing assets further beyond asset type! I currently have a LONG list of jpgs/pngs im using in an experience and I’m burning my scroll wheel bc im using it so much to find things!

Just folders in general please!

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Noted! Thanks guys. Have added this to our internal Studio feature request list.

Will update this thread with any updates or changes for this request.



Some of our projects have many, many assets, layers, interactions, etc and no way to organize them. I spend so much time scrolling and searching.

Organization tools!!! Please!!!