Flickering Experience


i created an ZapWorks Studio Experience (BusinessCard)
On most Devices it works fine.
But on 2 of my iOS Devices the experience is flickering.
The strange point is: I’ve got 3 iPhone 11 with iOS 15.3.x.
2 IPhones are working on Point and one is flickering.
In the Console i geht 4 Error Messages. I Don’t know if the are connected with the problem:

i/O Warning: failed to load external entity “preload/manifest.xml
I/O Warning: failed to load external entity “/zapid"123456”.xml”
Load failed
Load failed

These Error Log i get on the Phones where the Experience is working fine!

Here is the Project:
Visitenkarte_Philipp_Heinecke.zpp (31.4 MB)


From the way it is flickering, it looks like the target image that was trained is different from the one you are pointing towards. Did you perhaps have an earlier version of the project with a different card design (which is maybe somehow being cached when it shouldn’t be)?

If you preview in Studio and scan the temporary zapcode from https://arweb.app on the devices with the issue, then does that work? That might help us narrow it down a bit…