Fiona's Fidget- an Invention Adventure


I am a retired science research teacher. After 40 wonderful years in the classroom (K-12) , I am now planning for the next phase of my career. A few years ago, I co-wrote a great children’s book with a student as a senior year independent project. I loved creating the book and loved what the zapcodes brought to the readers experience. My student has now moved on and has lost interest in the book ( his parents supplied the generous budget for the project- because they wanted their son to become an author)The book is still on Amazon ( on Barnes and Noble (,however the AR zapcodes no longer work. I am working on a new book of teacher resources and I would like to reactivate the Zapcodes in Fiona’s Fidget so that I can promote it as a great project to do with students. What will it cost to reactivate the zapcodes so that when someone buys or reads the book - they will work? Thanks, Pete Suchmann