File Sizes Best Practice


Hello, I am new to Studio. Can you recommend what the best file size should be for a obj file? I have some that seem very large. For example, I have one that is 56.3 MB. If that file is too big would it be possible to recommend some reasonable software to resize it and export the file back out as obj? Your feedback is appreciated.

Thank you!



Hello Jennifer,

If it’s a 3D model your talking about. Try to keep the mesh poly as low as possible. Some 3D packages (I use Modo) allow you to project the image information from a detailed model onto a low-poly model using the image maps and normal maps etc. Treat the procedure as if you were creating a 3D model for a game.

For example. If you have a very high detailed model of a skyscraper, with all its windows, the glass, doors etc you wouldn’t want to import this into Studio as it is. So you would create a new version of the building. This may only be a 3D rectangle. You would then ‘project/render’ the image maps from the detailed model onto the UV of the low-poly model after lighting etc. This would retain all the details, shadows etc but would be only 6 polys as opposed to possibly 100’s. You can then UV map the low poly model with the new detailed maps and import this into Studio. The file size would probably be in the K’s rather that the MB’s.

A bit of a babble but I hope I’ve understood you correctly and sent you in the right direction.



Thank you, a very helpful insight.