Feedback on Sketchfab integration


Hey there!

In February we launched an integration with Sketchfab, which allows content creators to import models directly into Studio. Now that you have had a month or so to try it out within your projects, I would love to hear what you think of it. There are a few topics that I would like hear from you on:

  1. Quality of models in Sketchfab. What are you overall impressions of the number of models, the variation, the quality of the models.

  2. User experience of downloading from Sketchfab to Studio. How easy it is to access the model library, is there any friction that you think could be removed?

  3. Communication with Sketchfab community. Have you had any experience of communicating with the Sketchfab community, for instance, commissioning them to make amends to a model. How have you found the experience if so?

  4. Static vs Animated. Have you downloaded any animated models? How did you find the animation translated to Studio?

  5. Number of downloads Can you give us an estimation of how many models you have downloaded so far, and how many you expect to download on a monthly basis?

  6. Any other comments

Please feel free to either drop a reply to this thread, or if you prefer to speak with me in confidence, you can drop me an email on and we can arrange a time to chat. In your reply, don’t feel like you need to address every point, just the ones that are most relevant to your experience!

Thanks very much in advance :grin:

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Hi Chris

Apologies for the late reply. I haven’t played around very much yet with the Sketchfab integration. But with the ones I tested I reckon it integrated really well. I had some weird “glitches” on some where 3d meshes were possibly hidden on another layer I’m guessing (Blender) on export, but in that case it rectified itself when I adjusted the lighting method. On another the poly count was too high I think. It’s little things like that which can be expected from third party models.

But overall from what I can say so far is that the Sketchfab integration is fab! :slight_smile:

Take care


Hi Chris
Sorry I have missed this post. Sorry, I have not used Sketchfab integration to bring projects into Zapworks. I did use the model I did for zapworks and put in sketchfab as the client requested. The one thing I know is that if users are not aware of polycount for AR then they will get disappointed. A lot of sketchfab and other site’s models are high res. One of the jobs that I do here is in fact getting high poly models and remodel them as low polys, bake textures and prepare them for AR.
In any case I will download some meshes to try them and I will let you know. :wink:


Thanks Millenne and Len and everyone who emailed me separately.

We have taken on your feedback on and it is now on our roadmap to improve filtering of models, particularly based on polycount. There are quite a lot of high poly models in Sketchfab so being able to find an appropriate model can occasionally be a challenge, particularly for those users less familiar with faces / polycount.


You are welcome. Well if you have anyone struggling with a high res model, you can send them to me so we can remodel it. :wink: