Fbx works everywhere except zappar


This model opens in Blender, 3ds, and even Windows 3d Paint. Opens perfect and all object parts and textures model correctly. But when I bring it into zappar parts are missing! Even when I map all the textures, no change. Just applies the textures to the parts you can see in the screenshot. The rest remains missing.

me.zip (9.0 MB)
Ugh… sigh… anyone else run into this?


Did you try with less polygons?


Yeah… it looks like that is gonna be the problem. arms/hands are too complex. My guy is modifying them to a lower count.


I think only 1 texture per object is supported…aka I think you need to UV map the whole character with 1 texture linked instead of multiple texture files.


thanks luke. Baking the light was my first order of business. Then I needed to reduce the polygon count. So things are looking promising now.


Hey guys!

You can also use several texture maps if you plan on using lighting materials in Studio.

You can refer to our 3D documentation for more information.

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right. I knew it was not a matter of textures. It was that the textures were not baked. In the end I was able to import and apply my materials (about 6 materials) without issue. The subsequent problem was that areas of my model were missing because the polygon count in the face and the arms/hands were too complex.